Our Purpose. Our Promise.

We are committed to providing the highest quality transportable cable gym equipment. To provide the best, you must source from the best. All of our suppliers and manufacturers are required to provide a BSCi* or equivalent certification that validates that they provide safe and fair working conditions for their staff. 

This means: safe working hours, no child or bonded labor and appropriate wages. 

We are also committed to considering our environmental impact. Our boxing is produced right here in New Zealand from sustainable forestry practices. We don't order packaging by specific quantities, we order by the sheet. Our boxes are then carved out of these sheets meaning no wasted card! Not only do we produce no waste from our cardboard boxes....we buy other companies cut offs! We serrate this wasted card so it makes a flexible and ecofriendly packing material for inside the parcel. This keeps the metals safe and prevents them from scratching or breaking through the parcel exterior! 

Traditional draw string bags are made from polyester. However our carry bags are made from linen which breaks down much faster than polyester. And all of our pulley sets include one for FREE! 

It is our job to protect our environment whilst also making fitness affordable, timely and accessible. 




*Or on prior agreement