Here you will find all of our frequently asked questions regarding our Cable Fit products!


1. What is the weight capacity of the Cable Fit pulley system?

  • Our Cable Fit system has been tested to 110kgs or 243lbs 

2. What can I attach the system to?

  • Anything that provides a firm ligature point. Be it a cross-beam, home gym setup, tree....quite literally anything that the straps can go around!

3. What can I use for weight?

  • Kettlebells, weight plates (olympic or standard), bags filled with quite literally anything inside!

4. How are you environmentally friendly?

  • Our packaging is made right here in New Zealand from sustainable forestry. We purchase our boxes by the sheet, which means no cut off waste. Further to this, we even buy other companies cut-offs, serrate them, and use them to pack our boxes. Everything down to our super strong paper tape is recyclable! Know that by buying our product, you are reducing your waste footprint guilt free!